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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Using Crawlings Knee Pads During Therapy

Crawlings Knee Pads are made for infants and toddlers to protect their knees when they first begin mobility. Their sensitive skin can easily get carpet burns, bumps, and bruises when they are first learning to get around, so these are a simple but great solution. But I thought Crawlings would have another excellent use: as knee pads for Quinn while doing his Occupational Therapy.

Quinn is very sensitive to certain textures against any part of his body, and sometimes OT causes those sensitivities to hinder his therapeutic progress. When I saw Crawlings, I knew that if they would fit, these would be so helpful! And they’ve proven to be very helpful indeed.  Quinn really, really loves playing in tunnels, but the wire that runs through them to hold them up really irritates him. It’s too hard and pointy on his bony knees, and for that reason he is very careful when crawling through. With Crawlings, he is able to crawl through the tunnel uninhibited! They have also proven very useful for easing his anxiety about falling while doing difficult activities and overall improved his confidence in OT. His therapist has been really impressed with how much better he’s doing simply because of these knee pads.

Crawlings are well made, super comfy, the knees are very thickly padded, and they are “vented” in the back, for ease of movement and to keep little legs from getting too hot. They are one size fits all, though I’d implore them to make a larger size for older spectrum kids because of how useful they are.  They do fit my skinny boy's legs easily and are very stretchy so I think they’d fit any younger child’s legs as well. They can be purchased for $20 in a variety of styles, including sports themes and cute animals, on the Crawlings website,  The style we chose is the Skull & Crossbones knee pads in Apple Green.

Thank you to Crawlings for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.