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Finding Balance With Asperger's: b-Calm Technology Prevents Sensory Overload

b-Calm's b-Calm GP is an amazing assistive device that utilizes technology to help block out distracting and harmful noises for sensory stimulation sensitive children. We got this for Quinn to help him in stressful situations that usually cause a sensory overload and cause meltdowns and/or chaotic, out of control behavior. We were extremely excited to try this product and it has proven more useful than I had ever hoped!

The b-Calm is, essentially, an MP3 player that Quinn takes with him to places we think or know will cause a sensory overload. It helps kids (and adults too!) like Quinn to block out distracting, loud, and stressful noises, thus calming him and helping him to find his "happy place", even in difficult situations. It also is very helpful with getting children to sleep. When we received the b-Calm GP, it came preloaded with 4 tracks and 4 photographs of calming scenery. I was easily able to add more audio tracks of instrumental music and added many photos to it as well; ones of beautiful scenery, things Quinn likes (such as rainbows), baby animals, pictures of our family and pets, and calming/safe places for him. For Quinn, it also really promotes good coping skills because he can learn to re-focus his energy on the positive things going on in the headphones of the b-Calm, instead of the negative (to him) things going on around him.

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We take a monthly field trip to a local pizza and video game restaurant locally for a science presentation, and this place was the number one place I thought of when offered the b-Calm GP. As an adult with no neurological problems, this place is overstimulating to me, so I can't imagine what it feels like inside Quinn's head. I often call this place the most stimulating place in the world, so trying something to help him there was a must on my list. I can honestly say that trips there with the b-Calm have been markedly improved! Quinn is able to block out so much of the chaotic noise and bright lights going on around him and enjoy himself without all the stress and anxiety. He is happier, healthier, and has a new love for a place that used to give him so much anxiety. It is truly amazing how calm he remains there now.

In addition, this device has also helped with alleviating Quinn's separation anxiety because when we have to leave him, he knows he has pictures of all the people and things he loves most, and that makes him feel less upset. His nervousness is GREATLY reduced in many situations with this device and for that I am truly grateful. I have nothing bad to say about the b-Calm and truly love everything about it and what it's done for my child. It opens up doors for us to have the ability to do things with him in public situations that we would never have had before.

b-Calm GP comes with the device, comfortable, child-sized, adjustable headphones, earbuds, cloth protective cases for the device and earbuds, and an awesome, sturdy plastic case to carry it all in. Their website,, has tons of information including the various devices they offer for children and adults, and even the ability to download their 2-hour long calming audio tracks for us on your own, already purchased, MP3 player. The b-Calm system that we received retails for $129.

Thank you to b-Calm for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.