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Dinosaur Train's "Dinosaurs A to Z Countdown"

As I’ve said before, Dinosaur Train is one of our favorite shows on PBS Kids. We have participated in a couple Dinosaur Train-themed reviews before, so we were happy to let you all know about Dinosaur Train’s Dinosaurs A to Z Countdown, which began on April 18. Beginning with the letter A, you and your little paleontologist-in-training can help by answering fun and educational questions on Twitter and on Facebook with a chance to win a prize each day for a whole month. Prizes include Dinosaur Train collectible gifts and a one-of-a-kind Dinosaur cartoon art by Craig Bartlett, the artist and creator of Dinosaur Train. Your little dino lover will enjoy learning the 26 facts about dinosaurs and will be sure to open up conversations and opportunities for learning that will also be tons of fun.

Don’t forget, the new episodes of Dinosaur Train start May 14 on PBS Kids and will be kicking off with a one-hour special episode "Dinosaurs A to Z". Check local listings for times.

I received a copy of the book Dinosaurs A to Z as a thank you for sharing this information with our readers.