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Silly Monkey Stories: A Phone Call from Teacher

Last week's was the first Silly Monkey Story I've missed in four years!  The reason why I had to skip posting one was because the whole family got hit with the flu.  To keep with the theme, this week's story will be a flu-related one . . .

I was at A.C. Moore last Monday picking up some yarn for my oldest son's school project when my phone rang.  I saw that it was the preschool, so I was immediately concerned.  It turned out to be one of the twins' teachers and she explained to me that our son Luke had thrown up quite a bit.  When I asked about whether he was a mess and if the clothes in his emergency stash was sufficient, she gave me the most puzzling reply.  She said that Luke was currently wearing his underpants and another pair of underpants that look like boxer shorts over those as shorts.  Well, this raised some questions in my head, such as . . .

"What happened to the pants I sent in for his emergency clothing?"

"I know I didn't put boxers with his emergency clothes, so is my son wearing some other child's boxer shorts?"

"Is my son going to be in therapy until he's 30 because he's walking around school wearing some other child's boxers as shorts?"

Anyways, I rushed over to the school and brought in a pair of pants from the car sickness kit I kept in the car.  When I got there, Luke was wearing pants.  It turns out that, when Luke had gotten dressed that morning, he had forgotten to take off his short jammie bottoms.  So, he put on his long pants over his short pajama pants which were over his underpants.  What a confusing morning!  I suppose in the end, I was just glad that he wasn't wearing someone else's underpants.