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Shop 'n' Share: The Best Remedy for Spring Fever is a New Handbag!

We have had some very Spring-like and even summer weather here in Boston the past few days.  It was not like this a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, we had snow on the ground at the beginning of March (you can see it in my photos).  Even though I dreaded the thought of Springtime allergies, I was still suffering from a mild case of Spring fever.

During one of those rare moments when I found myself with an extra half an hour to kill, I wandered into our local T.J.Maxx and came upon this Nicole Lee Bedelia Foliage Tote in Mint for just $39.99.  As you can see on the designer's website, this bag retails for $90.  I have been wanting a bag in either a mint green, pale yellow, or coral this Spring and now I can cross that off my wishlist!

I do not often buy bags that are not a classic style because I tend to use ultra-trendy bags for a month and then in the closet they go, but I loved the color of this bag, the structured shape, the size of the double handles, and the hardware detail of the studs, rings, and grommets.  I will most likely use this bag without the removable shoulder strap.  So far, the best price I could find online for this bag is $76 plus shipping on, so I am extremely happy with my find.

(Below is just a random cat photo for your enjoyment.)

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