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Wuggle Pets At-Home Plush Animal Kit

I don’t know of any kids who don’t love those make-your-own stuffed animal places, so when we were offered Wuggle Pets to try out, I knew my kids would love them. Wuggle Pets are an affordable, at-home alternative to those pricey chains, but equally as fun for kids. We were sent the Wuggle Pets Starter Kit, which had everything we needed to make two stuffed animals.

Making the animals is easy, but loads of fun for children. Each of my kids, 10 and 5, made one toy; Avery a puppy and Quinn a unicorn. First they opened all their supplies and punched out their “personality” cards to give them attributes like sassy, smart, brave, etc. Then we loaded the stuffing into the machine along with “magic dust”, placed the open end of the Wuggle Pet on the machine, and cranked the handle. Within seconds, the Wuggle took shape and the kids stuffed in their personalities and I used the zipper tool to close it up. We then named them and we put their names on their birth certificates. It was super easy but lots of fun.

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The Wuggle Pets are well made, so they’ll last a while, and are so much cheaper than others of its kind. I was very pleased with how fast and easy it was to do and required very little help from me (though I did supervise the entire time). I also love that they come with a backpack clip, so the boys can either play with them or clip them to their bags, making them all the more useful. We loved the Wuggle Pets and will likely buy more animals in the future. 

Wuggle Pets are available at many retailers nationwide and online at and The starter kit retails for $19.99.

Thank you to Wuggle Pets for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.