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3 Hair Tools I Wish Existed 20 Years Ago

I have always had extremely straight hair.  At 38, I love my straight hair, but that was not always the case.  In fact, from the time I was in junior high until my early-twenties, I had ruined my hair again and again with perms and damaging heat from what may now be considered antique hair dryers.

It is amazing what technological improvements have been made in hair tools over the past decade and even just the past few years.  Such improvements include ceramic hair tools and ionic technology, which does not cause hair to frizz and dries hair more quickly so it needs less exposure to heat.

I have to say that I had damaged my hair so badly when I was younger that I swore I would never perm my hair again or even use a blow dryer on it.  I had not considered breaking that oath until about a year ago when I started noticing some of what the newer hair appliances have to offer.

Here are 3 hair tools I would try for styling my straight hair today:

1.  Nano Ceramic Turbo Tempest 2000 Hair Dryer by Hot Tools

2.  Nano Ceramic Clipless Tapered Curling Iron by Hot Tools

3.  Setter Ionic Flocked 20 1401 HTS1401 Rollers by Hot Tools

You can find Hot Tools and other top brands of hair appliances for discounted prices at Image Beauty.