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Silly Monkey Stories: Shopping Trip to Claire's

Our children had a bit of spending money saved up from gifts for Christmas and their birthdays and some lucky money from Chinese New Year.  (Can you tell why December and January are their favorite months of the year?)  So, the whole family made a visit to the mall this past weekend.  It was actually our first trip to the mall since October because we try to avoid it during the peak holiday shopping season.

In the interest of time, the boys and girls eventually split up.  My daughter wanted to go to Claire's and there was certainly nothing of interest in there for my husband and two sons.  If you've never been, Claire's is an accessory store that sells everything from fashion jewelry to bags to cosmetics.  My daughter ended up choosing a pair of Heart Skip A Beat Shades, a pair of clip-on earrings, and a little compact with lip gloss and eye shadow in it.  I had explained to her that the make-up would just be for playing in the house and would not be opened until her Dad says she is big enough to play with make-up.  She was fine with it and it now is sitting unopened in her dresser drawer (and probably will until she is 30 if Dad has anything to say about it).

Since Claire's was having an incredible sale on all their winter hats, scarves, gloves, and other warmwear, I picked up this Sock Monkey Hat, convertible mittens, and Panda Earmuffs for her for just $4 for all three items!

When we got home, she just had to model everything we bought.  We put on as much as we could, but the earrings wouldn't work with the hat and earmuffs.  And here she is . . .

We purchased all products mentioned here with our own funds and did not receive compensation for sharing this shopping experience with our readers.

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