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Platinum (and Diamonds) to Celebrate a 20th Anniversary

Diamond jewelry is the official modern-day gift to mark the milestone of 10 years of marriage.  Our 10th wedding anniversary has come and gone.  In fact, this year my husband and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary.  When our 10-year anniversary did arrive, I thought to myself that ten years did not feel like a long time.  No, we did not feel like newlyweds.  However, although we have gone through so much together, it still felt like there was a whole lifetime in front of us of reaching goals, making new ones, and watching our children grow inside and out.

The official gift for 20 years of marriage is platinum.  I have decided to declare that the gift should actually be platinum AND diamonds.  By 20 years, our oldest will be thinking about college and the twins will be entering high school.  We would be in a completely different phase in our lives.  Now that is something worthy of diamonds!

If you read my shopping blog or follow me on Pinterest, then you know that I have a thing for rings and that, for diamond jewelry, I am a fan of jewelry designs by Simon G.  When I have an extra moment or two, I enjoy browsing for uniquely designed rings, especially engagement rings.  Although I am always drawn towards princess cut diamond engagement rings, I always go back to round cut diamonds, like the one pictured here from Kranich's Jewelers.  I absolutely adore my round cut diamond solitaire platinum engagement ring, but it is fun to wonder once in awhile . . . What if we went with a bridal set? or Maybe we should have chosen a sapphire engagement ring?  In the end, I would never trade in my ring for anything, but I would want something different in platinum and diamonds for our next major milestone.