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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Super Sorting Pie

Learning Resources is a leader in educational toys and supplies for children and they have been kind enough to allow me to review another of their amazing products. The Super Sorting Pie is an award-winning toy that teaches early math skills and helps children learn valuable sorting skills. This set comes with a plastic pie crust (both top and bottom crusts), 60 counting fruits, 2 plastic tweezers, 3 double-sided sorting cards, and an activity guide. All pieces are plastic, except the cards and guide, and are extremely durable and well-made. Just as with all Learning Resources products, these are made to last.

This set is amazing. We love the realistic looking fruits and the many different ways the set can be sorted. As an added bonus, the bottom crust removes from the attached “plate” and the activity cards slide in place, giving children various ways of sorting the fruits by color, type, quantity and more. This makes it easier to remember what children are doing and keep them on task, especially for younger children. Due to its bowl shape, the top crust makes a useful holder for the pieces as they’re being sorted, making this set to be even more convenient and well thought out.

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Quinn has had a blast using this set. He really loves sorting activities and loves the pie theme of this one. The tweezers are amazing for strengthening his grasp and developing his lacking fine motor skills and they are the perfect size for his hands. Because Quinn has Asperger’s and a fine motor delay, such fine motor-strengthening activities are so important. He really struggles with thin plastic tweezers because of their “give” when squeezing and ones that are too small for his hands cause him to be frustrated, causing him to give up. The tweezers in this set are perfect. They are very thick, strong plastic so they are not easily bent and their large size and indented sides are ideal for small hands and fingers. They also have ridges on the tips, so the items don’t fall out easily and they are not too tough to squeeze. Of all the child’s tweezers we’ve used in the past, these are by far the best for him. The fruit pieces are also a great size because they fit into the tweezers perfectly, but are not too small which would cause them to fall out. They are also very vividly colored and easy to distinguish between them. This sorting pie is also great for introducing simple fractions and has even proven useful in practicing fractions with my 10 year old son.

The Super Sorting Pie is a really fantastic set that I would recommend to anyone with preschoolers or early elementary school children. It is reasonably priced at $27.99 and will last for many, many years of fun and learning. This would also be great for teachers. You can purchase this and all Learning Resources’ wonderful products on their website,

Thank you to Learning Resources for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.

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