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Shop 'n' Share: Discovered the BEST Treats for Elderly Cats on

For someone who shops so frequently online, it is a wonder why I have never purchased things like pet supplies via the Internet before.  When I received an invitation from to give their pet supplies site a try, I could find no reason to decline.

If I had not been shopping on, I would never have discovered Zukes Hip Action cat treats!  Two out of our three cats are over 14 years old. Even though they are in great health, I have noticed that they do not use their hind legs like they use to while jumping up on the furniture or going up and down the stairs.  These cat treats contain Glucosamine, which we had previously given to our elderly dogs.  It seemed like just what our cats needed to feel less stiff and achy in their hips.  Since our eldest cat is a little picky, I was worried that she would not like this new type of treat.  I made sure the treats were soft because she tends not to like the crunchy variety.  It turned out that these cat treats by Zukes were a huge hit with all of our cats.  They actually beg for them each time they see me walk into the kitchen.  For their weight category, they are each only allowed two treats per day and I keep other treats on hand for our younger cat, so she does not feel left out.

Now having shopped for pet supplies on, I find it silly to not buy products like large bags of cat food and litter online.  The prices are competitive and this site offers Free Premium Shipping within the continental U.S. on orders over $49.  I placed my order on 12/21 and it was delivered to my door on 12/24.  I have to say that taking that 20lb bag of cat food from my front door to the kitchen is much easier than lugging it into the shopping cart at our local store, from the store to the car, and then from the car up the steps into the house.

I am grateful for discovering these Hip Action cat treats for our cats on  I am hoping that they will be adding the type of crystal non-clumping cat litter we use to their selection soon.  To learn more about their dog and cat supplies, visit, on Facebook, and MrChewy on Twitter.

Thank you to for providing a gift certificate for us to shop and to experience their website and services.