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My Photos: January Birthday Celebration (plus Random Cat Photo)

You may have figured it out that our "3 Garnets" are our children who all happen to have January birthdays.  Earlier this month, we celebrated our 8 year old son's birthday with a dinner out.  Then last weekend, we had a family dinner at my sister and brother-in-law's house for all 3 children, followed by an at-home birthday breakfast for the twins the next morning.  As always, I took a million photos.  Here are some of my favorites and you can see the rest if we're friends on Facebook.  (Oh, and there is a random cat photo at the end.)

(Click any photo to enlarge)
"Our 5 Year Old Princess"

"Our 8 Year Old 'Tween Son"

"Our 5 Year Old Charmer"

"SpongeBob Birthday Cake"

"Only a Big Boy Can Break the Ribbon Like That!"

"Two of Her Favorite Gifts"

"3 Garnets & a Duck"

"I Am NOT Stuck!"

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