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Letters To Karen: Brain Activity

Dear Karen,

You have just proven once again to yourself that you are your own worse enemy.  You always have a long list of things to do.  You are actually pretty good about prioritizing that list.  Your husband was nice enough to get the children out of the house today so that you can catch up (or at least feel less behind) and this is what you do!

Let's recap the last 15 minutes of what went on in your brain, shall we?

"It's near the end of the month and I really need to make these last few days count for my PR work."

"It's been a week since the twins' birthdays and I still need to go through the photos to share on my blog and on Facebook."

"I should really use the bathroom first so I don't have to stop working later."

"Ewwww!  The kids got spaghetti sauce on the hand towel.  I better replace it now before I forget."

"I keep meaning to roll all the hand towels and put them in this empty basket so that the kids can grab a clean one easily.  Maybe then they'll just replace the ones they dirty on their own?  I can do this really quick.  It'll only take a couple of minutes."

"I'm rolling hand towels instead of sorting through my photos or doing my PR work.  This is not good."

"I should blog about this."

And here you are!