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Butt Bench . . . an Easy to Install Bench for the Bathtub

If you’ve ever struggled to shave your legs in the shower, needed to sit down, or just needed more space for storage in your tub, the Butt Bench might be the answer to your problems.

The Butt Bench is a durable, high-quality bathtub seat made of natural wood that comes in four finishes: cedar, pine, pink pine, and white pine. This tub seat supports your weight, so you can use it to make shower time relaxing, shave, or solve a storage problem. This is also extremely handy for helping my 5 year old to bathe, as he can sit while I wash his hair to avoid squirming. This would also be great for senior citizens, people with a handicap or health problems, or for post-op patients.

Here is a demonstration of how easy the Butt Bench is to install . . . 

The Butt Bench really lives up to its high-quality standards. It truly is sturdy and looks nice in my tub. It holds quite a bit of weight, at least 200+ pounds, and stays put thanks to the suction cups that connect it to the wall. This has been very handy in my house and I’m happy we were able to try it.

You can buy the Butt Bench on their website, The retail price starts at $43.95.

Thank you to Bath Extras, LLC for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.