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3 Things I Would Have Done Differently While Planning Our Wedding

Not one, but two of my baby cousins are getting married this Spring!  In fact, I just received the first invitation the other day and thought to myself, "How clever!  Why didn't I think of that when I was planning our wedding?"  This started me thinking about what I would have done differently if I were planning my wedding today.

We had a private ceremony and then a Chinese wedding banquet following it.  This was a very different experience for many of our friends, co-workers, and my husband's side of the family.  We should have embraced that more and made some of the important things, like the cake, wedding invitations, and flowers, less traditional and more trendy.

I asked my husband what he thought we should have done differently with our wedding and these were the top 3 things we would have changed . . . 

1.  At the time, I was thinking that the ceremony and reception were the most important part of the whole event and the invitations were just a formality.  I chose the least expensive ivory invitations I could find and had them printed in the standard black ink.  If I could do it again, I would have selected more trendy wedding invitations, like this Soiree Tri-Fold Invitation.  Its brushed gold metallic color would have tied in so well with the elaborate gold and red atmosphere of the Chinese banquet.  The invitations we sent out were just boring and did not relay to the guests what type of experience they could expect at the banquet.

2.  Since the wedding dress I had chosen was ivory, I just randomly chose teal as the accent color for our wedding.  When it came time to shop for a dress for my Maid of Honor, she expressed how much she did not want a teal dress.  So she ended up choosing a sapphire-colored dress, which looked beautiful on her.  The Best Man coordinated his tuxedo to match the dress.  Now looking back, we should have made our accent color sapphire blue, since it is both my husband's and my birthstones.  I also wonder if I should have asked my Maid of Honor to wear a sapphire blue cheongsam for her dress?  She would have looked stunning in one.

3.  We chose our wedding date for late October because the anniversary of our first date just happened to land on a Saturday.  That is still very special to me and I would not have changed the date for anything.  The problem was that the day was very overcast and windy.  All our photos were taken indoors in front of the arch that we had decorated ourselves for the ceremony.  If we could do it again, we should have found another setting, even it was indoors, to take our photos.  All of our photos are posed traditional shots without very much story behind them.

If your wedding has already taken place, what would you have changed about your big day?  If you are still planning your dream wedding, I would love to know about which parts you are most excited!