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Top Online Searches of 2011 and the Past Decade

According to Yahoo! Year in Review, there are definite trends in search engine activities over certain periods of time (i.e. weekly, monthly, and yearly).  I find it interesting to see what searches are most popular and what searches have suddenly spiked.  Since 2012 is nearly upon us, I thought I would share what Yahoo! has reported to be the most popular searches of 2011 and in past years.

Top 10 Searches on Yahoo! in 2011 . . .

1.  iPhone
2.  Casey Anthony
3.  Kim Kardashian
4.  Katy Perry
5.  Jennifer Lopez
6.  Lindsay Lohan
7.  American Idol
8.  Jennifer Aniston
9.  Japan earthquake
10. Osama bin Laden

Top Searches on Yahoo! for the past 10 years . . .

2011: iPhone
2010: BP Oil Spill
2009: Michael Jackson
2008: Britney Spears
2007: Britney Spears
2006: Britney Spears
2005: Britney Spears
2004: American Idol
2003: KaZaA
2002: PlayStation 2

Have a wonderful 2012!

Thank you to Yahoo! for providing the information shared in this article.  No compensation was received for sharing this information with my readers.