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Silly Monkey Stories: Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm . . . "

Last month, I shared about how we moved all the toys out of the living room and how I had labeled canvas bins, one for each child to keep any items he or she would like to have on hand in the living room.  I made it very clear that they are not to throw toys into the bins that they simply just did not feel like putting away.

The other day, I was curious as to what each child put in their bin.  I rarely see anyone besides our nearly 8 year old son use their bin.  I peeked in Jake's bin and saw a few books, a bookmark, and a couple of die-cast cars.  Nothing there surprised me.

I looked in our nearly 5 year old son's bin.  The only thing that was in his bin was a bookmark.  He does not really know how to read yet, but a bookmark in his bin is not that peculiar.

Next, I looked in his twin sister Makenzie's bin and I saw this . . .

Yes, that is an arm.

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