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Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas

Although almost everyone loves to receive fun impractical gifts, sometimes the practical ones are most appreciated.  A gift basket filled with everyday household products would be especially appreciated by anyone who has moved into their first apartment.  A person venturing out on his or her own for the very first time may not have the extra cash to spend on household products after they have just spent most of their savings on a security deposit, furniture, and other necessities like tableware.

People who have downsized from a house to an apartment may also appreciate such a gift.  They likely will not have any space for more knickknacks.  Here are some ideas for easy-to-make housewarming gift baskets . . .

Ready-Set-Clean Gift Basket

Fill a handled plastic caddy with the following:
Pair of Rubber Gloves
2 Dish Towels

Clean-Play-Display Gift Basket

Fill an attractive storage basket with the following:

For more ideas about what to use to fill your future gift baskets, visit

Thank you to Procter & Gamble for providing complimentary product samples to inspire this article.