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Holiday 2011: Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System

Our family is a huge fan of anything Playmobil.  Of all the sets we have owned, Playmobil has outdone itself with this Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System playset.  Although I do not have an exact count, I predict that this set may have the most pieces (or close to it) out of any of the preceding Playmobil sets.

This set is recommended for anyone age 7 to 12.  With lots of assistance from my husband, our nearly 8 year old son, who is an old pro at assembling Playmobil structures, put this set together in approximately an hour and a half.

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I knew, when I saw this set, that my children would love it.  Their pretend play scenarios often revolve around being spies and they always have an HQ.  It was so much fun listening to them play now that they have a real spy headquarters at their disposal.

To say that the Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters is detailed would be an understatement.    There is spy gear everywhere, including surveillance equipment, gadgets, weapons, and more.  The parts I found to be the neatest were the motion-triggered alarm and the LED on-screen map.  If you ask my children, however, they will give you all different answers.  I know our daughter is especially pleased that one of the four Playmobil figures included in this set is a girl.

Some of the coolest parts of this Playmobil set are . . . 
  • A holding cell door that opens and closes
  • A secret garage door in the mountainside
  • The vehicle transforms between a car, submarine, and airplane
  • A jetski that is weighted, works in water, and can be upgraded with an engine (sold separately)
  • A hiding place for the jetski
  • A secret computer room
  • Part of the roof folds out
  • A working motion sensor alarm
  • An LED map that lights up in multiple colors
  • A trapdoor at the top of the stairs that leads to the holding cell
  • A secret hiding place on the side of the staircase
  • A laser that lights up and shoots missiles

Our children have been playing with this set non-stop.  There is just so much to do that they have yet to be bored.  The Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System retails for $89.99 and is impressive to even adults, who secretly wish they had a toy like this when they were children . . . definitely a toy worthy of being a surprise gift from Santa.  You can find this set at most major toy retailers, such as the Playmobil Online-Shop,, and Toys"R"Us.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.