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Holiday 2011: Moshi Monsters "Moshling Zoo" Game for Nintendo DS

Our nearly 8 year old son loves playing Moshi Monsters games on the PC.  That is why I knew he would be over the moon to be able to try out the new Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo DS game by Activision.  This is Mind Candy's first Moshi Monsters video game and they seemed to have hit their target audience by choosing to start with the Nintendo DS platform.

Our son loves to collect things, adopt and care for virtual pets, and to win anything that represents a trophy or reward in gaming.  This game seems to provide all those forms of entertainment.  With 52 Moshlings to collect, including ones that are rare, I expect my son to continue to play this game for a long time.

See what our son thought about this Moshi Monsters game . . . 

"The game starts with a Moshi Monster popping up on the screen.  He tells you what to do in your Moshling Zoo.  Then another Monster pops up on the screen and he tells the rest of what to do.  I can look for Moshlings and look for their eggs.  The eggs hatch into babies that look like the grown Moshlings.  Once you find eggs, they go in a special building that has stands for the eggs and stuffed birds hang from the ceiling with lights attached to them.  In Monstro City, at a construction store, you can buy level 2 and 3 houses for your Moshlings.  It only goes up to level 3.  Every time you find a new Moshling of a different type, a different house pops up.

You can find and keep Ninja Moshlings.  I don't have any Ninjas yet, but I know where I can find one at Tiki Tiki Beach.  I want some Dinosaurs too.  I.G.G.Y. is my favorite Moshling because, on the real Moshi Monsters game, every time you login while it's loading, he's on the screen chasing your mouse.

In one mini-game in the Starcade I played, it had number sentences and it had a part where lines cross each space and that part has dots you have to put in the spaces.  And there were groups of 4 numbers that had to make 10.  The only one that was actually easy was putting the numbers in order.

My favorite thing to do on the game is finding their eggs.  On the Nintendo DSi, I have 20-something Moshlings.  On the computer, I only have 2.  The eggs are why I have that many Moshlings on the DS game. I only have 6 regular Moshlings mostly because I have more eggs than Moshling.  I have more Baby Moshlings than regular Moshlings.

I think the DS game is fun.  Between the two games, I like the DS game more than the PC game because it is easier to get Moshlings.  After you collect them all, you have to take care of them.  I don't really get how you feed them yet though."

As a parent, I very much like that the mini-games includes educational activities.  My son is usually not challenged by math at his own grade level, so I am happy that there are games that do challenge my son.  Because he is so motivated to collect Moshlings, he is less likely to give up on activities he finds to be difficult initially.

If your child enjoys playing Moshi Monsters online, I think there is a good chance he or she would enjoy this DS game.  Moshi Monsters:  Moshling Zoo retails for $29.99 and can be purchased at The Moshi Monsters Store,, and most places where Nintendo DS games are sold.

Thank you to Activision for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.

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