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Holiday 2011: Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders RC Cars

My son Jake and I had the opportunity to try out the HOT WHEELS® RC NITRO SPEEDERS™ Ford Mustang. Nitro Speeders are tiny little remote control cars that fit into your pocket, controller and all!

The car itself is stored in the controller/charger for easy portability. The controls are simple enough and my 8 year old was up and running in moments. Charging the car takes about 20 minutes and is not hard to do. Once the car is charged up you are ready to play.

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The Nitro Speeder Mustang is FAST. I mean really, really fast. We learned very quickly how small our living room was playing with this car. The steering is incremental and takes some getting used to, but after some practice time, we could do it. The car is just so fast that steering is difficult until you get the hang of it. Did I mention the Nitro Speeder Mustang is fast? FAST!

Overall HOT WHEELS® RC NITRO SPEEDERS™ Ford Mustang is a lot of fun and we very much enjoyed it. I will warn you that younger kids may get frustrated learning to control the car due to its amazing speed and incremental steering scheme. Conversely those traits will also make the car that much more desirable for older kids. At the very least the car is very fun to watch and everybody was having fun…even the cat!

Each Nitro Speeder retails for $25.99 and up.  You can purchase them at the Mattel Shop,, Toys"R"Us, and other major toy retailers.  Find out more about these mini RC cars at

Thank you to Mattel for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.