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Not too long ago, I shared about giving a mini girl's bedroom makeover to our daughter's room.  Well, shortly after, I had the opportunity to create a custom wall clock from INKtastic.  I was extremely excited to have the chance to design something that would coordinate with the wall decals and bedding in her room.

Since the clocks on INKtastic have a blank face and I wanted to use this clock as a learning tool for my daughter, I had to go online to find a blank clock template to use if I wanted her clock's face to have numbers.  Then I just used a graphics program to add the background design for the face.  I uploaded the background image several times and continued to make changes until I liked the results.

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After I finished the background, I was able to add text right on the website without having to put the text directly onto my image.  I was able to choose the font color, style, size, and positioning.  I was even able to add hearts to the text the same way.  Since the I was using an existing template that was not made in a high resolution, I could not submit my background image in a high resolution. Still the image came out fine for a simple design.  If you are using detailed artwork or a photo for your background, you should definitely try to use a 300dpi image, if possible.

The clock itself is very basic.  The frame, which is only available in black, is plastic and the hands are flexible and easily bent.  Still, the clock works and keeps the correct time, which is the most important thing.  It runs on one AA battery that just pops into the back.  This clock was also easy to hang.

Visit to view a wide variety of personalized gifts, including clothing, vinyl decals, plush animals, bags, and more.  This 8" clock retails for $32.99.

Thank you to INKtastic for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing a store credit for our contest prize.

Good luck in the drawing!