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Depression Around the Holidays

All year round, but especially around the holidays, more people seem to suffer from depression or their existing depressed state worsens.  There could be many causes . . .  stress about lack of money, less daylight hours, loneliness, a chemical imbalance, or something else.  Online I know several women who suffer from depression year round because I belong to an online community mostly comprised of women.  In real life, however, I have to say that I know more men who seem to suffer from signs of depression than women.

Like with many other things, men seem more reluctant to seek out help with depression.  It seems to be harder for a man to go to a professional and admit that he may be depressed, perhaps because it may be construed as a sign of weakness?  How many men must suffer silently and just hope that something will turn around and they will just feel better one day?  I wonder if such men would benefit from depression forums, such as Depression Connect?  It is always easier to open up on a forum where there is some anonymity.  I am not suggesting that a forum could replace professional help, but it may provide enough support for men to take the next step and make that appointment to talk to someone.

If you have any experience with online support for depression, I would love for you to share your experiences (provided you feel comfortable).  Other 3G2S readers could benefit from your first hand knowledge.