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Bring Dinosaurs to Life with a Dinosaur Train Wall Mural

Dinosaur Train is an Emmy-nominated educational show on PBS Kids about a family of dinosaurs who encourage preschoolers to get off their couches and explore the world. Created by The Jim Henson Company, Dinosaur Train has been entertaining millions of children since its debut in 2009. Its mission is to introduce children to paleontology and discovery.

We love Dinosaur Train here, so when Murals Your Way offered us a Dinosaur Train mural sticker, I couldn’t say no. We have been actively working on making my 4 year old son, Quinn’s room a haven for him to go and wind down because of him having Asperger’s, so I thought The Pteranodon Family Takes Flight mural would be a perfect addition to his room. We measured the wall so we could get a mural that fit precisely correct and they sent it to us with instructions for hanging.

The mural came in three large pieces, to make installation easier. I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t easy putting it up. Each piece overlapped the one before by a few inches to make it simpler to line them up, but I don’t think it made it simpler at all. It was still quite difficult getting it all to stay in place while we lined it up and got it stuck on. This is definitely a two-person project, for certain. In total, it took us one hour to get it hung up.

Now that it’s done, I can honestly say it was worth it. The mural is brightly colored, well made, and looks fantastic on Quinn’s wall. It fit exactly to our measurements, so it looks like it was painted on. I am completely thrilled with everything about this mural, and would highly recommend Murals Your Way to anyone.

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Thank you to Murals Your Way for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.