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5 Favorite Tree Ornaments Bring Fond Memories

Since we spent our first Christmas living together five years before we were married, my husband and I would add new ornaments to the tree every year.  Some were personalized ornaments marked with the year and some were just ornaments that we really loved.  Needless to say, sixteen years later, our tree is quite full.  That does not stop us from adding new ornaments every year, especially since our first child came into our life and then the twins thereafter.

Every year when we trim the tree as a family, we all reminisce as we hang certain ornaments on the tree.  Even our not yet 5 year old twins will find delight in recognizing the ornaments bearing their names from past years.

Pregnancy Ornaments
The ornaments below mark the two Christmas' when we were expecting.  It was such a special time for us even though both pregnancies were difficult ones.  I cherish both these ornament so much.

Couple Ornaments
This was the first ornament I purchased for our first Christmas tree in our first apartment.  That seemed like a lifetime ago, when both my husband and I were young and stupid.

Pet Ornaments
Before we had children, our dogs and cats were our children.  Even after the children came into our lives, I still would get one personalized ornament every year with all our pets names listed on it.  Our Beagle Buddy was my very first dog ever and I had him before I even met my husband.  Although he did not quite make it to Christmas in 2009, I made sure he had his own ornament (left photo below).  He was nearly 16 years old when we had to let him go and he was loved by everyone, even the four-legged members of our household.

Charitable Ornaments
The ornament shown above on the right is one of my favorites.  Not only does the dog on it remind me of our beloved Beagle, but these were ornaments created by children's art.  We purchased a few of these about 14 or 15 years ago, all with a different design.  These were being sold at our local mall and the proceeds benefited Project Bread.  In the years following, I always looked for more of these ornaments, but I never saw them being sold again.

Thank you for taking the time to stroll down memory lane with me.  I hope your holiday is full of fond memories as well!