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The Trash Pack Goodie Bags

This year on Halloween, we had the pleasure of handing out The Trash Pack  toys to trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  Although our 3 children were going crazy over them, I was not sure how well a non-candy item would go over with some of the children.  I have to admit, I did have a small basket filled with candy for those who wanted their treats to be sugary.  I also wanted to have candy on hand for the children who were under 5 years old.

After our children went trick-or-treating, they came home and sat on the steps outside to help hand out the The Trash Packs.  I was so surprised at how well they were received by young children all the way up to kids who looked like they might be a little too old to be trick-or-treating.  For the children, both boys and girls, who already knew about The Trash Packs, their faces just lit up when they saw what was in our basket.  For those who were not familiar with this new toy, they were just delighted to have received something to play with.  The parents, too, were thrilled for their children to receive something other than candy.

Since The Trash Packs were so well-received, I have decided to use the remaining ones to make The Trash Pack goodie bags to send into school for our oldest son's 8th birthday.  The school puts a strong emphasis on not sending in sweets, such as cupcakes and cookies.  Our goodie bags will contain one of each of the following items . . .

The Trash Pack Goodie Bags
Trash Pack toy
All-natural fruit snacks

Our son will be so excited to hand out these goodie bags to all his classmates just as he was handing out The Trash Packs on Halloween.  I am also planning on sending in one or two games (another great alternative to sweets) for the classroom to keep that the children can play during indoor recess since it will be too cold to go outside in January.  I am slowly getting into the mindset of always looking for alternatives to sweet treats.

Thank you to The Trash Pack for providing complimentary product samples for us to distribute.