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Silly Monkey Stories: Can't Argue With a Preschooler's Logic

Last week, all the students in our daughter's dance class were invited to come to class wearing their Halloween costumes.  Makenzie was dressed as Little Bo Peep minus the hat and oversized crook.  Her twin brother Luke did not want to be left out, so he wore his Darth Vader mask.  His Halloween costume was actually Iron Man, but he wanted to save it for Halloween night.

Every week at dance class, Luke stays with me in the waiting area.  He usually brings some toys, but mainly he likes interacting with the other siblings who are also waiting for their sisters.  There is one particular mom at dance class who is always nice to Luke.

Last week, this mom commented about how Makenzie is always smiling no matter what she is doing.  Then she asked Luke whether Makenzie ever cries at home or ever yells.  He told her yes, of course.  Then she asked him if Makenzie ever talked back to her mommy.  To this he answered . . .

. . . "NO!  She can't talk back to MumMum because Kenzie doesn't have a phone!!"

How could the woman argue with that?  She just looked at me and we both started laughing.  Then she told Luke what a smart boy he was.

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