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Kindergartner-in-Training: Curious George Multimedia Workbooks for Preschoolers

We just had our parent-teacher conferences for our twin preschoolers earlier this week.  Although one twin needs more practice with recognizing and writing the alphabet than the other, both could benefit from more ABC learning activities.

In September, Curious George turned 70!  He sure looks good for his age and is as lovable as ever.  We have a mini library of Curious George books and try to catch his show on PBS whenever we can.  When The Learning Company introduced their new Learning with Curious George reading and math workbooks for preschoolers and kindergartners, I was excited.  Why? . . . Well, because our children learn better when they are interested in the theme at hand and Curious George definitely qualifies as such.

The first half of this particular workbook Learning with Curious George Preschool Reading focuses on the order of the alphabet.  The second half focuses on early writing skills.  Although our daughter tends to master things more easily than her twin brother, she was challenged by these activities and happily rose to that challenge.  Our son, who usually feels defeated fairly quickly was able to complete the same activities as his twin sister, although it took a bit more time and patience.  He had to first figure out that he needs to follow an order from top to bottom and left to right as a general rule.  Once he figured that out, he was able to complete the activities.

I am pleased to say that the content in this reading workbook compliments what the twins are learning in preschool, which is actually a kindergarten curriculum.  If we need further reinforcement of these concepts, The Learning Company offers Curious George online activities that practice the same skills as learned in the workbook.  These activities offer our children an opportunity to practice what they have learned, but in a fun entertaining way.

The Learning Company website offers free printable PDF workbooks.  Parents can also print out certificates of achievement to give their children some well-deserved recognition.

You can learn more about these multimedia Curious George workbooks by visiting  These workbooks retail for $5.99 and can be found at major book retailers, such as

Thank you to The Learning Company for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.