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Holiday 2011: Personalized "Ornaments With Love" Family Ornament

Since our first Christmas together, I have purchased personalized dated ornaments for our tree.  I usually get one for my husband and myself, the whole family, each of the children, and one for all our pets.  After my sister and brother-in-law were married, I would buy a personalized Aunt and Uncle ornament for them from the children every year.  Nothing is more disappointing than purchasing an ornament for a keepsake and having an error on it or having it arrive with some sort of defect in the paint or craftsmanship.  I have both reviewed and purchased Christmas ornaments from Ornaments With Love in previous years and have yet to be disappointed.

This year for our family ornament, I chose the Personalized Car Family Christmas Ornament.  It immediately reminded me of our family of 5 riding in our silver minivan.

If you are purchasing an ornament for a gift, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that your ornament comes with a festive tagged cellophane bag complete with a twist tie.

To view their full selection of holiday tree ornaments, including personalized ornaments for infants, couples, families, sports, hobbies, professions, and more, visit

Thank you to Ornaments With Love for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.