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LevAqua 200 One Touch Series Digital Showerheads

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be sent a LevAqua OneTouch 9-function showerhead. Its digital technology makes it a unique showerhead because it allows you to choose from 4 amazingly refreshing spray settings and even features a 5 and 10 minute timer to keep your family’s showers to a minimum, if necessary. The “Spray” setting gives a full-on spray that is invigorating and works great for getting clean and rinsed off. The next setting is “Massage” which gives a concentrated, relaxing spray to those areas on your neck and back that hold stress and discomfort. The “Combo” setting offers a combination of the “Spray” and “Massage” settings to give a good blast that is good all over. And finally the “Eco” setting is a water conserving, concentrated setting for those eco-minded people, like me.

Everyone in my family has their own favorite setting. My children like the “Combo” setting because they can feel the burst of water all over themselves and they feel like they’re “in a rainstorm”. My husband and I both prefer the “Eco” setting, not just for its eco-consciousness, but because I think it offers the best pressure of them all, making it much easier for washing and rinsing my thick hair. The other three setting just don’t have much power behind them, to be honest.

In addition to the timer and spray settings, it features a “Pause” button, which is very handy for shaving in the shower, an extra-large 5-inch head, so it’s a very luxurious experience, and has self-cleaning nozzles that reduces hard water and mineral build up. It’s also very nice looking and installs very easily. My only complaint is that the pressure from most of the settings isn’t great, but the “eco” setting helps to resolve that for me. Overall, we are all very happy with this showerhead and feel its benefits outweigh the negative and we are thrilled to have it.

You can learn more about LevAqua on their website, You can purchase their products at Home Depot. This particular showerhead retails for $64.99.

Thank you to LevAqua for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.

Good luck in the drawing!