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Guidecraft Espresso Bookshelf plus 5 Storage Bins

It has been a long process, but we have been slowly ridding the living room of toys over the past few weeks.  Of course it would be unrealistic to make the living room completely toy-free, so I decided that this Espresso Children's Bookshelf and the Set of 5 Canvas Storage Bins from Guidecraft would be the perfect thing to store a few toys and other things in the living room.

The reason why these shelves are perfect is because they have the look of classic furniture that blends in well with the rest of our living room furniture, unlike the mismatched storage we previously used.  Although this is classified as a child's bookshelf, it is a roomy 31-1/2"W x 24"H x 11"D, similarly sized like a standard 2-shelf bookcase.

Like with all the Guidecraft furniture we own, this bookshelf is sturdy and of very high quality.  It only took my husband 15 or 20 minutes to assemble it.  The set of 5 canvas bins, which fits this bookshelf perfectly, are actually sold separately, so you only need to have them if it suits your needs.

Click here for my tutorial on how to make these canvas bin labels.

To view the entire Classic Espresso furniture collection, which includes a desk, vanity, toy box, play kitchen, and more, visit

Good luck in the drawing!