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Holiday 2011: Disney Pixar Cars 2 (DVD)

The kids loved the first Cars movie…Who am I kidding, I loved it as much as they did. So when we had the opportunity to try the new Cars 2 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack we were very excited.  The set includes both the Blu-ray and DVD copies, so regardless of your set up you are guaranteed to see the movie and extras in the best quality possible.  We used the DVD copy as we do not have a Blu-ray player yet. One thing I love about Disney DVDs is the Fast Play feature; you simply do not need to wait to watch anything but the movie if you do not want to.

If you have not seen the movie yet, I will not spoil it for you, but the kids had an absolute blast. Disney Pixar did a fantastic job bringing the Cars world back to us while also introducing a whole new cast of cars and a new story.  As always the kids were smitten with Mater, but the car they cannot stop talking about is Holley Shiftwell. Lightning McQueen had a diminished role in this movie, but was still the focus of the story, so we got our fill of Ka-chow!

Included in the bonus features are a couple of funny shorts about 6 minutes long each. The first short called “Hawaiian Vacation” stars the cast from Toy Story 3 and is funny as heck. I am pretty sure it is the same extra that was shown after the theatrical release of Toy Story 3 in the theatre.  The second feature is an episode of Mater's Tall Tales called “Air Mater”. My kids are nuts over Mater's Tall Tales and I can say with confidence that this was the funniest one to date. Not to spoil too much, but in this Tall Tales episode they announce and set up the next cars world movie due out in 2013. Great fun and I cannot wait!

Overall the set does not disappoint (does Disney Pixar ever?) and we enjoyed the Cars 2 combo pack very much.  You can purchase the Cars 2 DVD or Blu-ray/DVD Combo at most major retailers of Disney movies, such as the Disney Store,, Best Buy, Toys"R"Us, Walmart, and Target.

Thank you to Click-Communications for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.