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Holiday 2011: "The Cult of LEGO" Book by Baichtal and Meno

When I was a young boy in the 70’s LEGOs weren’t just a toy, they were a way of life. Not only were LEGOs a standalone toy, we pretty much integrated them into any kind of play we did. How many times did we make vehicles and bases out if LEGOs for our Star Wars figures and army men? Countless times for sure. And now as a parent I can see my kids doing the same. LEGOs aren’t just toys; they are part of our culture and fondest playtime memories.

We recently received a copy of The Cult of LEGO book by No Starch Press and I couldn’t wait to open it up. The book is basically a complete history of everything LEGO, total mind candy for a LEGO nut like me.

The book takes you through nearly every aspect of LEGO history, from its development to modern day LEGO parks and fan clubs. As much as I was into LEGOs growing up, I had no idea how rich the history and culture really was or about the challenges and controversies the brand endured throughout its history. The Cult of LEGO takes you through every detail of LEGO you could imagine and a few you couldn’t.

The photos and diagrams in The Cult of LEGO are vivid and colorful. Although the reading level is targeted at young adults and above, my 8 year old son was very entertained by the pictures and their captions. I can see him revisiting the book many times.

Not only is The Cult of LEGO a very informative book about Lego history, it is also a testament to human creativity and cleverness. Some of the LEGO creations depicted in the book are mind boggling. Before reading this book I had no idea how far people had taken their LEGO creativity.

The Cult of LEGO book by No Starch Press would make the perfect gift for anybody who likes to tinker and develop; it is not just for LEGO fans. I certainly recommend this book.  It is great fun and very informative. I totally relived my LEGO memories while reading it.  This 304-page hardcover book retails for $39.95 and is currently available from No Starch Press for that price with a free PDF ebook version or from for $24.58 with Free Super Saver Shipping.

Thank you to No Starch Press for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.