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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Develop Fine Motor Skills with Sorting and Puzzle Activities

One of my son, Quinn’s, delays is in fine motor, a problem many children on the spectrum struggle with. Because of this delay, any activity that exercises his pincer grasp is great for him, such as small puzzles, lacing cards, or any kind of manipulative, like a sorting set.

We were sent the Super Sorting Set from Learning Resources to try out and review. This set comes with over 600 pieces that help to teach children to differentiate colors, start simple math skills, and improve fine motor skills. It contains animals, dinosaurs, links, circles, vehicles, fruits, tangram-type pieces, sorting bowls, a large sorting tray, and a set of activity cards to enhance play. It even came with strong, zippered bags to store the stuff in and a large, sturdy box to hold the entire set. I labeled all the bags with the words and pictures to make putting it all away easy for Quinn and the daycare kids who’ve also played with it, so there’s no confusion as to what goes where.

We’ve had hours of fun with this set already. There are so many options that the possibilities are nearly endless. Certain parts of it, like the small circles and links, have really helped to improve Quinn’s hand strength along with his hand/eye coordination. He has loved making patterns, sorting by color or type, and doing simple addition with it, and he hasn’t even realized how much he’s truly learning from it all.

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I love that the set is very well made from good quality plastic and rubber, and the options with it are amazing. My only complaint is that the orange and red are a little too similar in color, therefore sometimes it confuses the children, but that’s the only thing I dislike. Everything else about it is great and would be wonderful for any child, whether they are on the Autism spectrum or not.

You can purchase this and all Learning Resources products on their website, This set retails for $74.99.

Thank you to Learning Resources for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.