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Creating a New Educational Games Website for Children?

Every once in awhile, I get inspired and think to myself, "I should try to do this?"  For example, a few months ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to create my own clipart.  Why?  Well, I want to because I enjoy working with graphics and love having a creative outlet.  Having a lot of extra time on my hands is definitely not one of the reasons.  I still have yet to find time to do this.

Another idea I have been kicking around lately is the possibility of building my own website filled with educational games for children.  If you read my blog, then you already know that I love coming up with learning activities for my own children and I also like to create free printables.  I would love to have the time to create online bingo games, word searches, hidden picture games, and brain teasers for children.  I would enjoy making the games much as children would enjoy playing them.  When my oldest son was little, I made a laminated rhyming bingo game for him.  I simply designed the boards on my computer and made cards with words on them that would rhyme with the ones on the boards.  I am fairly certain I could do the same thing online.

When will I be able to tackle these two projects? . . . Probably when I can have more free time, so when we win the lottery or when I retire  in 25 or 30 years.