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5 Easy Ways to Give New Life to a Girl's Bedroom

Two summers ago, when we moved our daughter from a toddler bed into a twin size bed, I began to do a little redecorating.  We added a new nightstand, a dress-up carousel, and some beautiful children's wall art.  Now that our daughter is getting a little older and has begun developing her own tastes, I thought we should do a few things to add a little more of her personality to the room.

There are some very easy ways to accomplish this.  Some of them are rather inexpensive.  I tried to choose mostly non-licensed items that our daughter will find to be a good fit at least through her preteen years.

Here are 5 easy ways to redecorate a girl's bedroom:

1)  Change the window coverings.  Just adding a new set of window panels to pick up at least one of the colors in the room will help pull together the room nicely.  New curtains always makes a room feel brand new.

2)  Add some wall decals.  It literally took me 5 minutes to put up 8 flower wall decals.  It really made a long wall look much less empty.  We did ours in a wave pattern that continues onto a second wall so that it would bring the eye up and down repeatedly.

3)  Change the bedding.  Kids bedding is one of the funnest things to shop for.  It is always nice to let your child have some input about what you choose.  You can even go as far as ordering custom children's bedding where you can select the various fabrics that will make up the bedding set.  We went with an all-cotton set called Danielle's Daisies.  Our daughter loved the bold pattern and I particularly liked the 3-dimensional flowers.  I steamed the flower petals flat again after washing the set, but could have easily have left them to look curled like natural flowers.

4)  Change the lamp shade.  One of my next projects is to give the old yellowed lamp shade on our daughter's white candlestick lamp a makeover.  I have not decided exactly what I will do yet.  I am torn between a ruffled lamp shade, a 3-dimensional flower lamp shade, and a tutu lamp shade.  Of course, you could always just purchase a new shade.

5)  Add something handmade or hand-decorated.  Nothing adds personality to a room better than something handmade.  I plan on decorating the frame and changing the hanging magnetic white board pictured above into a magnetic hair bow holder for our daughter.  The Internet is full of wonderful tutorials, many of which are fairly easy, for ways to add that special touch to a room.

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Thank you to Beyond Bedding for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.