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Stocking Stuffers 2011: ThinkGeek Smart String Digital Tape Measure

What a great idea! I often need to measure irregular things, like kids heads, light bulbs, furniture, computer components, etc. Until now, I would use a soft tailor style measuring tape (or just guess). When Karen asked me if I wanted to test out the Smart String tape measureI jumped at the chance to make my measuring easier.

The Smart String is small and easily fits into your pocket, no more big bulky tape measures that clip to your belt. It is about the size of a smallish calculator, perfect for around the house or shop.

The Smart String was very well thought out. The unit has a built in calculator, 3 memory buttons that store measurements that can be called back into the calculator!!! You don’t need to carry a pencil and scrap paper with the Smart String like you would with a regular measuring device.

The Smart String can measure in inches or millimeters and has a convenient ring at the end to hook on nails or pins for one handed use. There is also a small built in LED light. I found the light not that useful, but a thoughtful touch.

The accuracy of the measurement is very good, more than adequate for 99% of anything the average Joe needs. I noticed a few millimeters play before the measurements change on the screen however. So what? I don’t plan on engineering any rockets soon so I am good!

I highly recommend the Smart String. This measuring device will get plenty of use in any home.  What a functional product and a great gift idea for someone who has everything!  Currently, you can find this product on for just $11.99.

Thank you to ThinkGeek for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.