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Silly Monkey Stories: The Sleepwalker Strikes Again

Earlier this year, I shared a Silly Monkey Story about our 4 year old son who seemed like he was sleepwalking.  That had been the first and only incident . . . until a few nights ago.  Here's what happened . . .

I was working at my desk after the children went to bed, when our son wanders out of his room into ours.  He looked very sleepy.  He stood there for a second and turned around and headed towards the bathroom.  I heard him struggling with the light switch on the wall, so I got up to help him.  He ended up being able to turn on the light himself.  Then I watched him get up on the stool, lift up the toilet seat, and then turn away from the toilet.  I thought he was going to sit down to do his business and cautioned him that he did not put the potty seat on top of the toilet seat.  He ignored me and started to pee.  I thought he was peeing on the bathroom floor, but then later realized that he had peed right into the litter box.

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