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Kindergartner-In-Training: Cutting A Rug Activity (Free Printable)

This is a fun easy mess-free activity for preschoolers or anyone who may be learning how to use scissors.  The first thing you need to do is print out the rug coloring page below and then ask your child to color it in and decorate it however he or she wishes.  Our twin preschoolers simply used crayons, but you can get creative with stickers, stampers, or even some glitter and glue.  This activity is also a great way to teach your child about repetitive patterns and sequences.

TO PRINT:  Check that your computer's printer is turned on and ready to go.  Click on the image below to enlarge.  Then right click on the image and select print.

(Click any photo to enlarge)

After your child is done coloring the rug, give them a pair of child's safety scissor to create the rug's fringe on each end by cutting along the black lines.  Remind your child to take his or her time and to try to stay right on the lines.  Also remind your child to stop cutting at the double lines.

When your child is done cutting the fringe on both ends of the rug, you can make the fringe more realistic by bending up every other one.

The cutting portion of this activity takes a lot of patience.  You may even want to have your child cut the fringe on one end of the rug and then do the other side after taking a break.  Both our children did a fairly good job. Our daughter did a great job staying on the lines at first, but towards the end, she started to get tired and began to rush through it.  Those cuts were not as accurate.  Our son has less patience than our daughter by nature.  He had some cuts that were right on the mark, but he was not consistent.

After they were done with their rugs, our twins used them for playing with their Barbies and action figures.  It seems like they thoroughly enjoyed this activity from beginning to end.  I hope your child will too!