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Holiday 2011: NYS Collection Men's Polarized Sunglasses

NYS Collection offers the newest in today’s sunglass trends without paying a high price. This company, founded in 1996, now sells its collection in over 10,000 retail locations worldwide. Throughout the past 10 years, NYS Collection has made themselves the leader in the specialty retail industry selling many types of eyewear, such as men’s polarized sunglasses.

I got these sunglasses for my husband, Mike, because I wear transitions lenses in my glasses, so I have no need for this type of eyewear. Mike is extremely sensitive to sunlight and wears sunglasses outside all the time, even if it’s overcast. He was in need of a new pair, so he was happy to try out NYS’ polarized sunglasses. He really likes these glasses and says they are very comfortable on his ears as well as on his nose. He likes that the lenses are good quality, very clear, and they offer great sun protection against both UV and his sensitivity to light. He loves that they are polarized, as well. They are also surprisingly sturdy and well made, considering they are very reasonably priced. Overall, he says they are great sunglasses that are trendy and will last a long time, but don’t have the high price tag that many competitive brands have.

You can see all of NYS’ line, including sunglasses for women, men, and children, including accessories, on The sunglasses shown here today are the 8180 in the "matgun" color, which retails for $35.

Thank you to NYS Collection Eyewear for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.