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Holiday 2011: Eddie Bauer Boys' Classic Down Jacket

Our nearly 8 year son is growing more fashion-conscious as he gets older.  It use to be that he would approve of outerwear as long as it kept him warm and dry and cared little about style.  Now the scale is slowly tipping in the other direction.  Luckily, this Boy's Classic Down Jacket from Eddie Bauer is both warm, water-resistant, and stylish.

My son chose this jacket himself out of all the ones offered by Eddie Bauer Kids, so I know that he loves the look of it.  Temperatures around here have not dropped enough to warrant a goose down jacket, so it was hard to gauge how much insulation this coat offers.  Our son says that this jacket feels warmer than the parka he wore last winter.

It has been quite awhile since my son has owned a winter jacket without a built-in hood.  Even though this jacket will keep him warm, I may still have him layer a hoodie under it on days with heavy snow.  I always worry that snow will sneak in at the back of his neck without a hood on.  I could also see if he is ready for the responsibility of using a scarf.

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Some great features about this coat are that all 3 pockets have a zip closure, the cuffs of the sleeve are elasticized for a snug fit, and there is a label inside on which you can write your child's name and an emergency phone number.  The neck and the pockets are lined with a super-soft fabric.  I think the main thing my son likes about this coat, aside from the warmth and the style, is that it is not bulky and extra long like some of the coats he has worn during past winters.  Even when it is cold out, he still goes outside for recess during school, so this jacket will be much easier for him to run around and be active at those times.

The Eddie Bauer Boys' Classic Down Jacket is available in 3 colors . . .  Redwood, which is what our son chose, Deep Olive, and Midnight Navy.  This coat normally retails for $59.95, but is currently on sale during the Eddie Bauer 75th Annual Down Event.  For a limited time, you can also receive Free Shipping on most orders containing outerwear when you check out with Code: OUTERWEAR.

Thank you to Eddie Bauer for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.