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Free Printables: Halloween Word Searches (3 Difficulty Levels)

Since I was a child, I loved solving word search puzzles.  When I was about 12 or 13, my friends and I use to make them for each other.  (Yes, I may have been somewhat of a nerd.)

Well, I still enjoy making them, so I have decided to start offering these free printables to my readers.  Like these Halloween-themed word searches, all the ones I make will have 3 levels of difficulty . . . one for grade school-aged children, one for Pre-K through 1st grade, and one for preschoolers where the first letter of each word has been highlighted.  All puzzles have an answer key that you can either print or just save to your computer for reference.

TO PRINT:  Make sure your computer's printer is on and ready to go.  Click on the desired image to enlarge.  Then right-click on the image and select print.

Grade School Level

Preschool to 1st Grade Level

I have a whole list of themes for future puzzles I intend to create.  If you are looking for a specific theme, feel free to request one by leaving a comment or using my contact form.  If it is one I think my readers would enjoy, I would be happy to create word searches in that theme.

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