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Holiday 2011: Craft Caddy Lamp for the Serious Crafter

The Craft Caddy Lamp by OttLite is a unique light for crafters. It keeps all your stuff organized in perfectly-sized compartments and helps light up your projects with amazing HD light. It easily folds up and stores away neatly so it doesn’t take up too much space and it travels extremely well. As an added bonus, it features an outlet on the back that powers your crafting devices such as electric scissors, iron, sewing machine, or whatever else. Plus its cord is very long, so you can extend it very far.

I had originally chosen this for myself for a desk lamp. I’m not terribly crafty myself, but needed some good light for my desk space and thought this would be perfect. Once it came, I felt like this was going to be misused at my house. I definitely underestimated its awesomeness. So, I asked my best friend, Alison, to try it out since she’s a very crafty person.

Alison is in love with this Craft Caddy lamp. It gives her the much needed extra light for detailed projects and she loves that it stores all the things she needs so they’re really handy. She really, really loves the extra plug on the back; it’s so handy for plugging in things when she’s not too close to an outlet. Because the cord is so long on the lamp, it really gives her more freedom to set up her crafting space wherever and not worry about the lack of power places nearby. Overall, she says this lamp is perfect for any crafty person, and I would agree.

You can purchase this and all OttLite’s lighting products on their website, This lamp retails for $79.99.

Thank you to OttLite for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.