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Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring That You Will Love Forever

When my husband and I shopped for diamond engagement rings well-over a decade ago, we did not know anything.  We just wandered into a jewelry store at the mall and expected to see a ring that we liked and then we would be done . . . just like that.  After all, that is the way it happens on TV, isn't it?

Thank goodness we had a nice honest jeweler who offered us some guidance.  How do I know that he offered us good advice?  I know because, aside from during my two pregnancies, I have been wearing this ring since the day my husband put it on my finger.

The most helpful piece of advice our jeweler gave us was to look at a variety of certified loose diamonds first.  Once you find a diamond with the color and clarity you like in the carat weight you want (or the one that fits in your budget), then you can think about the setting.  We ended up going with a tapered solitaire platinum setting, similar to the one pictured.

To shop for loose diamonds, ring settings, or even preset engagement rings, visit  This site is a good source of information about different types of metals and gemstones, in addition to diamonds.  Be sure to educate yourself so you too can find an engagement ring that you will love forever.  And, although it may be romantic to be surprised, it is far more practical to shop for a ring together.  After all, you are intended to have this ring for the rest of your life.