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4 Creative Ideas for Something Different on the Table This Christmas Day

Christmas is that festive time of the year when we gather with our loved ones and friends. And if everyone is gathering at your home for the holiday festivities, you want to make sure your table reflects a warm and fun holiday spirit. You can help commemorate the occasion by introducing some unique items to your table that will engage and impress your guests. It's that special touch that will spread the cheer of the season.

1)  Place a Christmas cracker on the top of your guests' dinner plates. These delightful novelties, developed by a British confectioner in 1847, are a British tradition that has quickly swept around the world. They are decorative cardboard cylinders filled with treats and small gifts. When pulled at both ends, Christmas crackers open with a snap. English crackers can easily be found online, and will feature a decorative wrap in a holiday pattern to suit the decor of your table. And if you're feeling creative and ambitious, you can make your own Christmas crackers . Most local craft stores carry the materials needed during holiday season. If you make your own, you can really personalize the gift for that special person. Just think of how surprised your special someone will be when their gift pops out of the cracker.

2)  There are so many ways to adorn your Xmas table with Christmas chocolates and treats for your guests. Using your favourite chocolatier, gift wrap the chocolate in a box and top it with some curly ribbon. Place the wrapped box next to each person's water glass on the table. For children, you can purchase cello-wrapped chocolate pops in fun shapes, and place them on their plates.

3)  Adorning your Christmas table with flowers is another decorating idea that will add a festive atmosphere. Paper whites give an elegant look to any table with their 12 inch stems. Their delicate white flowers give a sweet fragrance and will fill the air with its aroma. Place the bulbs on white rocks in a clear glass vase, and tie a festive ribbon around the vase.

4)  Placement cards are a wonderful way to welcome guests to your table. You can write your own personal message to each guest. Choose a holiday pattern on the cards to coordinate with your table decor. Placement cards can be purchased at local stationery stores, or you can make your own at home with software. Add a gift to the placement card by punching hole and tying an ornament to it.