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What Device Do You Use to Shop?

It isn’t good enough to just have dynamic web sites and content these days. I remember just a few short years ago, the idea of cloud computing was science fiction. Today, any company that does not embrace every single benefit the Internet offers is doomed to fail, or at least yield mediocre performance. The web is so fluid and dynamic it is dizzying.  The pace of change seems to double each day. How is it possible, not only to understand what can be utilized, but to actually manage it?

Imagine how novel email was 10 years ago? Today email is one of the slower ways we communicate and share data! Today we text, tweet, IM, video chat, VPN, FTP, and on and on and on! I can upload all of my pictures to a shared and secure location on the web and all of my family can look at them, print them, or download them from anyplace and on any device they wish. I could easily list another dozen examples highlighting how complex and dynamic the web is.

How do we manage it all? Not only is the web itself complex and ever changing, the actual devices that we use to utilize the web are just as diverse. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, Chromebooks, e-readers, webTV, etc!

For a company to stay ahead of Internet trends, capabilities, and profit centers, they need a management suite that integrates all the various interfaces and platforms. People are online 24/7 and are no longer tied to their PC's when initiating commerce online. A business needs customer management software that can take advantage of all the opportunities the web offers. This system not only needs to be compatible across all devices, fast, and simple, it needs the ability to grow and adapt to the ever changing web.

As much as I cannot wait to see what the web brings next, I am equally humbled by what it can do already!