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Trying To Keep Up With Computer Technology

Even though both my husband and I spend a lot of time around computers, it is difficult to keep up with how quickly technology advances.  For example, I just experienced conferencing on Adobe Connect for the first time this morning.  I have participated in other such meetings in the past, but this one went surprisingly smoothly.  I did not have any problems signing in.  In fact, I just entered my name and the host of the meeting approved me.  Then I entered my phone number and received a call in seconds, connecting me instantly to the conference call.  It was so much easier than having to call myself and enter codes to access the correct meeting.  Adobe Connect allowed us to use online chat and the phone to converse during the meeting.  There were also sections on the screen for a slide show, a series of poll questions that could advance, and a list of everyone who was participating.  I could even see who was in the midst of typing a reply.  There was no lagging of the online chat nor any delay on the phone.

My husband, who works in IT, still learns new things.  He actually just made his first tutorial using video screen capture.  I will be combining this footage with images he made using screen capture to create a finished instructional video for him.  My husband loves to learn new things, especially if he can master them, and is very excited about seeing the finished product.

Graphics software, web conferencing, document management software, and so much more . . . What's next on Adobe's list?