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Review: Wolverine Origins Muscle Chest Halloween Costume

A few months ago, our 7.5 year old son tried a child's Superman costume.  He was so excited to have that costume with extra large muscles for Halloween this year, but it turned out that he was just not built broadly enough for that costume.  He actually wanted this Wolverine Origins Muscle Chest Costume originally, but it was not in stock.  As luck would have it, we had a chance to try a different costume and he was thrilled that the Wolverine costume was back in stock.  Of course, like all our children's super hero costumes, this one will be used all year round for pretend play.  In fact, we had to make him promise not to play with this costume until after Halloween to ensure that it remains in excellent condition.

Last year, our son wore a size medium costume and it was long on him.  This year, a medium-sized costume just fits.  The hooded mask also just fits.  Luckily the material on the mask is stretchy.  It also has Velcro squares on the back and he can close all of them except for the top-most one.  I cannot believe how much he has grown.! We will need to pick up some black socks and shoes for him to wear with this costume because it does not come with boot covers.

If you could not guess, the coolest part about this costume is Wolverine's signature claws.  They are made of silvertone plastic with some clear plastic in between the blades for added strength.  Each claw slips on the hand securely with two elastics . . . one that goes around the wrist and one around the palm.  Although they are not very sharp, children should still be supervised while wearing these claws.

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