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Review: Pop Expressions . . . Interchangeable Silver & Crystal Jewelry Collection

A new collection of interchangeable jewelry has been added to Helzberg Diamonds' Expressions for Helzberg line called Pop Expressions.  This collection features sterling silver jewelry frames, which can take specially designed magnetic crystal centers so you can easily change the look of your jewelry to match any outfit, occasion, or mood.  There are a variety of sterling silver bracelets, rings, and pendants (silver chain included) to choose from.

For someone like me, who is too . . . let's call it lazy . . . to change my jewelry very often, the Pop Expressions are a perfect solution.  I have several favorite pendants, one of which is red, that I rarely wear because it just does not go with everything.  I wish I could just magically change the color of that pendant to match my outfit, then I could wear that necklace, which was a special gift from my husband, all the time.

I received the Pop Expressions Swirl Pendant with the Light Blue & White Crystal Pop to wear.  I wore it out to dinner and received many compliments about it from people who did not know this pendant's secret . . . that I can just pop the center out and replace it with a different one.  Helzberg Diamonds does separately sell a key-shaped tool that can push the Pop out of the frame from the back of the pendant. Since I did not have one, the tip of a closed retractable pen worked just as well.  The magnet is very strong and the Pop does need to be literally pushed out of its frame.  In fact, the magnetic attraction is so strong that, when I placed the two pieces next to each other to take a photo, they actually snapped back together all on their own.

Every style of jewelry frame is available as a "Starter."  Each Pop Expressions Starter comes with a jewelry frame, in the form of a bracelet, necklace, or ring, and one center so it is ready to give as a gift.  This Pop Expressions line makes gift-giving so easy.  Once you have gifted a Pop Expressions Starter, which range in price from $49.99 to $299.99, you can give a new interchangeable Pop, each priced at $49.99,  for nearly any occasion in the future.

Top left:  Classic Heart Rolo Bracelet with White Crystal Pop
Bottom right:  Heart Bracelet with Light Blue & White Crystal Horseshoe Pop

From left to right:  Crystal Frame Ring with Fushia & White Swirl Pop
Crystal Frame Ring (with no Pop)
Square Filigree Ring with Fading Blue Swirl Pop

To learn more about this new jewelry collection, visit and Helzberg Diamonds on Facebook.  For a limited time, you can receive a free Pop Expressions Compact to hold your Pops and Key when you purchase two Pop Expressions.  If you make your qualifying purchase online, you will receive a free I Am Loved Pop in addition to the Compact.

Thank you to Helzberg Diamonds for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.