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Review: BikeGlow Waterproof Bicycle Safety Lights

BikeGlow is an utterly unique product for bicycles because it features 360 degree biking visibility. It features a light tube that secures to a bike’s frame, is completely waterproof, runs on 2 AA batteries, and is 10 feet long so there is plenty to coil around the bike. It comes in eight brilliant colors and lights up in three lighting modes: steady, slow flash, and fast flash.

We decided to try out BikeGlow because my oldest son, Avery, frequently rides his bike back and forth from his dad’s house a block away. He doesn’t usually ride at night, but sometimes he does around dusk and I would feel much better if he did that with a better light than just a small blinking one. I really liked BikeGlow because no matter where you are around it, you can clearly see the bike, and the colors appeared bright so they are very visible in the dark. I was not disappointed when our BikeGlow’s arrived. They were every bit as brilliantly lit as I’d imagined and very well made as well. The kit came with everything we needed to secure the light to the bike including zip ties and electrical tape. It was very easy to put onto the bikes and I love that it’s waterproof, so we don’t have to remove it. Of course, little brother Quinn wanted one after we installed Avery’s, so he got to model the blue light.

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I really love our BikeGlow and would recommend it to any bicycler or parent. The pictures really do not to justice to this light because of the darkness and flash, but the video definitely demonstrates it well. It really does provide 360 degree visibility so I can be comfortable with letting Avery ride his bike home from his dad’s house. BikeGlow can be purchased on their website,, and retails for $24.95.

Thank you to BikeGlow for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.